About us

As a company that is in the leading edge of GNU/Linux and Open Source, we aim to supply you the customer with the best, most fitting solutions for your environment.
Our service model can only be described as a “One Stop Shop”, where you will always find the right solution for you in our wide range of off the shelf and custom solutions.
Ofek is a supplier of Professional GNU/Linux and Open Source services in a wide range: Professional training at our training center, On site consulting, Expert on-site and phone support, project leading and integration and more.
Our solutions include the leading solutions and applications from the worlds leading companies in their area. Our leading staff includes experienced and certified people.
This combination, of Technical Experts + Leading solutions and products allow us to supply you, the customer with the optimal solutions to keep your business running and your TCO down.

Our Services

Training center – Headed by Mr. Doron Ofek Our training center is run by the most experienced and professional instructors in the Israeli Open Source training market.
As a certified training center, we hold courses of both Commercial and non-Commercial distributors. We put a big emphasis on the quality of our trainers and the materials we teach.

Project Integration and Consulting
Our consulting and project integration are divided in to several types:

1.Analysis and mapping of clients needs. Building a project time table and work policies from start to end.
2.Project areas:

1.GNU/Linux and OSS Software, Clustering, Virtualization, Hardware: Storage and Servers.
2.Project can include, depending on clients needs:
2.On-site training and out-sourcing.
3.Development of custom solutions/applications
4.End to End integration

1.With a deep knowledge of different distributors licensing models, we can help you determine the best licensing scheme for you, technology and cost wise.
2.As a company that distributes licenses for all major distributions, we are loyal to the costumer and not the distributer.
3.Ofek is your best partner for reaching the right technological and business decision with consideration of your special needs (SLA), technologies and applications.

Technical Support

1.The power of open source allows you, the customer to avoid vendor lock in. Ofek facilitates your freedom by being a single point of support to all major Linux distributions. Moving from one distribution to another while retaining the same professional support was never so easy.
2.Our support team has the leading professionals that founded Matrix's Red Hat and Novell's SuSE support center in Israel.
3.Support services are given by certified personnel only (RHCE, RHCI, Novell CLP, CNI and more)
4.As the leading support provider, we know what the value of a smooth and professional support center means to you the customer. Ofek provides you with a wide range of OSS and Distribution related support services, under one roof